Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

You might be an elite competitive athlete or maybe someone who’s only recently started exercising to get fitter and lose weight or even to raise awareness and money for a charity. Whatever your reason sports injuries are very common and extremely frustrating.

Most sports injuries are caused by trauma, over training, poor preparation, poor choice of exercise and peer group pressure.

Let The Osteopathy Centre be your support throughout your training offering you treatment and advice.

Some common types of sports injuries I treat include:

    • ligament sprains
    • muscle strains
    • tendonitis
    • traumas
    • Joint pains

The Osteopathy Centre can assist you through the highs and lows of your sport, helping you score the goal, win the race, lose weight and achieve your sporting ambition.

How we treat sports injuries

The Osteopath Centre offer sports people a route to better health and recovery from injury through osteopathy (link to osteopathy page)

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